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Two types of CARSI Membership
Full Membership
MUST be a Home Organization and a member of CERNET. Universities, colleges, schools, education administrative departments, and research institutions that are CERNET members at the moment can apply for Full Membership. The application can only be submitted by IT Governance Department, the Central IT Department, or the Library.
a) They MUST deploy one and only one Identity Provider within the Federation to support campus local end-users to access federation resources.
b) They MAY also optionally deploy Service Provider(s) to share campus local applications to national or international federation users.
Service Provider Membership
Referred by a FULL Member, an organization with the interests of serving Education and Research and/or be of benefit to the Federation or its members, can apply to be a Service Provider Member. A Service Provider Member can only deploy Service Provider(s) software.
Documentation for Applicats
CARSI Application Form – Full Membership
CARSI Application Form – SP Membership
CARSI Federation Documents
CARSI Federation Policy
Appendix 1: CARSI SAML WebSSO Technology Profile
Appendix 2: CARSI Attribute Profile
Appendix 3: CARSI Data Protection Profile
Appendix 4: CARSI SP Management Standard
Appendix 5: CARSI IdP Management Standard
Metadata Registration Practice Statement
CARSI Fee Policy
eduGAIN documents
eduGAIN Policy Framework – Declaration
eduGAIN Policy Framework - Constitution
Applying Process