You are exiting CARSI,
logout operation will go to the identity authentication system of the school to log out the account, do you confirm to log out?

Q:CARSI’s History and Today?
A:In 2006, Peking University initiated CARSI. After more than 10 years of development, CARSI officially joined eduGAIN in May 2019. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, CARSI saw explosive growth for it provided a convenient way to access resources for college teachers and students who studied at home.
Q:How to finish CARSI user authentication process?
A:Before visiting a service provider or an application in CARSI, user identity authentication is required. There are two workflows to get this.

(1)User authentication before using the application

The user should visit CARSI directory service first and select his home institution. Then, he should type in the username and password on his home IdP login page. After successfully authenticated, the user should types in or select the application url in the same browser and the page will be redirected to the service transparently without any further authentication.

(2)Using Application before user authentication

Users should first visit a CARSI SP application, for example Following the guidance on the application, the user can select CERNET CARSI Identity Federation and visits or his home institution's login page. The user types in his campus-network username and password. After successful authentication, the page will be redirected to the application webpage the user first visited.

Q:What resources are in CARSI?
A:The aim of CARSI is to provide services for higher education, scientific research, and university administration. At present, the resources available are mainly electronic resources purchased by the library, and other information applications of campus are gradually introduced, such as genuine software, high-performance computing, patents, industry data, portals to provide information about postgraduate entrance examination and certificate examination, etc. The CARSI project team welcomes teachers and students to send suggestions to carsi(at) about other high-quality resources. You can find the full list of CARSI resources on If your school has joined CARSI, you can achieve "one-stop" access to resources by logging in
Q:What can I do if my home institution is not in CARSI?
A:You can contact your university network management department, such as the information office, information network center, etc. The network management department shall submit the application for joining CARSI.
Q:How does CARSI protect my personal privacy?
From ver 3.0 upward, IdP has been equipped with user personal privacy protection that will notify the user what personal information will be sent to the service providers and stop sending data without permissions. Users can choose what information will be sent and to whom (SP or applications) the data information be sent.
Q:Can I visit CARSI in IPv6?
A:Yes. Sites of CARSI, such as,,, etc. can operate in IPv6. The rapid IdP installation package provided by the PKU team supports IPv6. Please inquire universities and vendors for the IPv6 supportability of their systems.