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Count down!CARSI Technical Salon Session 3 invites you to meet online
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CARSI Technical Salon 2022 Session 2 starts soon!
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2022年CARSI技术沙龙邀请函—Welcome to CARSI Technical Salon
This technical salon will be hold by Computer Center of Peking University....
CARSI, abbreviated from CERNET (China Education and Research Network) Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure is one of the CERNET basic services that is managed by the CERNET Network Center, initiated and headed by the Computer Center of Peking University and supported by CERNET Corporation. CARSI provides Federation authentication and global academic information resource sharing services for universities and research institutes that have established unified identity authentication of the campus network. By joining CARSI, teachers and students in colleges and universities can directly access academic resources such as e-journals and e-books purchased by schools anywhere outside the campus without confirming their identity through campus IP address and using VPN, as well as special resources such as a genuine PDF editor, high-performance computing resources, patent data, etc. Teachers and students who are outside the campus can avoid the congestion and delay caused by the use of a VPN.
Be one of the Ministry of science and technology 863 project, CARSI has conducted small-scale test.
Became part of the NDRC's CNGI08 project, CARSI expanded to 30+ CERNET2 core nodes.
Became part of the NDRC's 2011 information security special project, CARSI expanded further to 70+ IdPs and 6 foreign database service providers, and 20+ resources
CARSI submitted the application for joining to eduGAIN
CARSI was listed as one of the basic services CERNET along with Eduroam.
CARSI joined eduGAIN as a full member.
CARSI was upgraded completely and began operation.
CARSI IdP member reached 21 and SP reached 7.
End of 2019
During the epidemic lockdown, many university teachers and students accessed academic resources by CARSI, which effectively contributed to the policy of "suspended class,ongoing learning".
Spring of 2020
The number of CARSI IdPs reached 500.
"CARSI Resources Directory" went live.It supports mobile access and can be integrated into campus portals, WeChat official accounts, etc.
Foxit PDF Editor (Web version) went live. This is the first legitimate software that all CARSI users can use for free for long-term