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The China Education and Research Computer Network Federated Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure (CARSI) provides federal authentication and global academic information resource sharing services for universities and research units that have established unified identity authentication on campus networks. No VPN is required and is not restricted by the authorization of campus IP addresses. You can directly access authorized resources using a campus network account anywhere with the internet. Since the COVID-19 broke out in the spring of 2020, which effectively solved the pain point problem of academic resource access when teachers and students were at home, it has made great progress in the past three years, gradually transitioning to comprehensively assisting the construction of campus informatization. The online resources cover online teaching, industry data, research support, intellectual property, news and information, innovation and entrepreneurship, tool software, campus public services, and other fields.

CARSI services were initiated by Peking University Computing Center in 2006 and managed by China Education and Research Computer Network CERNET Network Center. Peking University Computing Center developed and provided technical support, while CERNET Corp. provided daily operations and user services. Based on the Shibboleth middleware technology led by Internet2, CARSI supports the SAML protocol. This middleware is widely adopted by multiple national research and education networks NREN (National Research and Education Network) internationally. On May 24, 2019, CARSI Services officially became a full member of the International Identity Alliance organization eduGAIN. As of November 2023, eduGAIN has 5455 institutional users, 3572 resource providers, and 79 countries and regions as fully qualified member units. CARSI's accession to eduGAIN not only makes it more standardized and convenient for Chinese universities to access global educational research resources, but also provides a basic platform for resource providers in the education industry to go global. At the same time, the management and operation of CARSI services will also be more standardized.

As of November 2023, 722 universities and research institutes have joined CARSI, of which 603 have been officially launched and 119 are currently undergoing debugging. It is the second largest national and regional identity authentication alliance in EduGAIN, second only to the UK. We have gathered 249 products from nearly 109 resource providers, including Web of Science, Science Direct, ACS (American Chemical Society), CNKI, Wanfang, etc. We have access to 300000 academic resources, over 490000 multimedia resources such as videos and audiobooks, over 6.1 million e-books and textbooks, over 28 million degree theses, and more, including over 1.9 billion patents and over 15.5 billion pieces of data, as well as digital certificates and PDF editors Municipal public transportation card, joint courses between universities in China and other countries, Tencent conferences, telecommunications operators and other information infrastructure services.

CARSI will continue to play a role as a bridge and link, and we welcome more education resources to join.

eduGAIN is an international interfederation service interconnecting research and education identity federations. It enables the secure exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorization between participating federations. Initiated and funded by the European Union, eduGAIN is one of the network services provided by GÉANT. It interconnects national research and education networks (NRENs) across Europe and enables easier access to and sharing of the education and R&D resources across the globe. As of September 2021, CARSI is the third largest member of eduGAIN, only after the US and the UK.
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