FAQ For Federation Users-CARSI - CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure
中文版 (Chinese)

Q: CARSI History and Today?

A: CARSI project was initiated by Peking Univ. and was started up in CERNET in 2007. In 2010, it developed to more than 30 universities. In 2013, to more than 70 universities. Today, CARSI is in the pilot stage.

Q: What is CARSI user authentication process?

A: In CARSI, user authentication is composed of two parts: user authentication and application visit. Before visiting a service provider and an application, user identity authentication is required. There are two workflows to get this.

a) User authentication before application visit

A user first visits CARSI directory service http://ds.carsi.edu.cn and select his home institution. Then, he types in the username and password in his home IdP login page. After successfully authenticated, the user types in the application url in the browser and is redirected to the service directly without any further authentication.

b) Application visit before user authentication

A user visits a CARSI SP application, for example http://www.ieee.org. Guided by the application, the user selects CERNET CARSI Identity Federation and visits http://ds.carsi.edu.cn or his home institution login page. The user types in his campus-network username and password. After a successful authentication, he can access the application webpage he first visited directly with automatic web page redirection.

Q: What resources are in CARSI?

A: Currently, CARSI resources include more than 20 e-resources from the following publishers, such as THOMSON REUTERS、RSC Publishing、IEEE、nature publishing group、ELSEVIER、EBSCO.

Q: What can I do if my home institution is not in CARSI?

A: Please contact the university central IT department, for example, the Network Center, or the library.

Q: How does CARSI protect my personal privacy?

A: IdP3.x has a function named user personal privacy protection that will notify the user which attributes will be posted and send them out to service providers only after getting permissions.

Q: Can I visit CARSI in IPv6?

A: Yes. CARSI ds, most SPs and IdPs packages can operate in pure IPv6. Some SPs and IdPs not yet.