CARSI CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure

About CERNET Federation

As part of CARSI project, CERNET Federation is launched for unified authentication and resource sharing in China's education and research field and promoting resource sharing among various institutions through the use of middleware for inter-institutional unified authentication and authorization. CERNET Federation is built upon the technologies by Internet2's Shibboleth Project. To facilitate the resource sharing among different institutions, in the institution where the user belongs, an Identity Provider (IdP) should be set up to authenticate the user and provide user information upon request. And in the institution which provides shared resources, and Service Provider (SP) should be set up to enforce access control to those resources. To further promote inter-institutional resource sharing, the Portal for Inter-Institutional Resource Sharing has been set up. A user is able to access shared resources after logging in to the portal with the username and password within his own institution.

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